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Whether you’re planning a Latin American wedding or perhaps love all things Hispanic, there are a large number of unique and beautiful traditions to honor. Coming from food to fun, the options are unlimited when it comes to comprising these elements with your special day.

Lazo commemoration

During the marriage vows, a white ribbon called a “lazo” is definitely symbolically twisted around the woman and groom’s necks to represent their joining along as one. To describe it in done by the couple’s padrinos, or perhaps god-parents. The bride and groom may additionally give the guests todas las arras, or perhaps thirteen numismatic coins that are designed to signify the groom’s guarantee to care for his new better half and future family.

Posting banns

It’s tradition designed for couples to post their banns, or identify of intention to marry, on a wall at their church, which gives family and friends the opportunity to support the couple before they will wed. This may occur weeks ahead of the actual wedding date.

Funds dance

Whilst pinning money in the bride or groom might seem like a modern distort on the old-fashioned maid of faithfulness and greatest man customs, it’s a well-liked activity in Puerto Rican weddings. In this part of the nighttime, guests may dance along with the newlyweds even though throwing bill bills in their direction. Depending on amount of guests, your money dance may last for 4 – 5 songs!

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