How to Factory Reset a MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or Any Mac

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Ideally, you should be taking regular backups of your Mac irrespective of whether you are selling your Mac or not. Our data is very valuable, and any data loss could prove disastrous in most cases. But if you are the adventurous kind and keep testing your luck, we highly recommend taking a backup of your Mac before you sell it. This can be done by turning on your Mac, then immediately pressing and holding the Command and R keys. Cedric Grantham is one of the senior editors of EaseUS who lives and works in Chengdu, China. He mainly writes articles about data recovery tutorials on PC and Mac and how-to tips for partition management.

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  • That’s because it had to go through a series of major changes over time to match the level of security built into iOS from the start.
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  • When you swipe down from the top right of your iPhone’s screen to open Control Center, you’ll see a Screen Mirroring button left of the brightness adjustment column.
  • From there, you can follow the steps above to complete the reset.

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When you’re asked to choose an admin user and enter the password, click Erase Mac from the Recovery Assistant menu in the menu bar. Click Erase Mac in the Erase Mac window, and then click Erase Mac again to confirm. It’s possible to reset MacBook M1 with the Erase Assistant to factory settings, a new feature for 2018 and later Macs. If you own an earlier Mac, you can erase it with Disk Utility in Recovery mode . Your computer should be hooked up to a power source and connected to the internet.

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To use Disk Utility to perform a factory reset, you must shut down your Mac and boot into Recovery Mode. For now, take away that Erase All Content and Settings is the replacement for startosinstall. And it’s a secure method for deleting user data as well as restoring a computer to out-of-the-box settings.

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