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«Say stop to magneto trouble»

Alton and BTH Self generating are partner for more than 10 years. Electronic ignition by BTH are very high quality and complementary with the range of Alton 12v generators.

Some words:

BT-H Self generating base or flange mounted units are suitable as a new installation or replacement for the original magneto on a wide range of motorcycles, rotation clockwise or anti clockwise. We can also supply versions of these magnetos for twin plug heads.

Main features are: Proper sealed ball journal bearings, double lipped oil seal, electronic adv/ret or fixed ignition, no points, encapsulated electronics, stainless steel shaft and fixings and because it is magneto you don’t have to rely on a battery.

Many of the BT-H magnetos are used very successfully in both road and off road competition. Including:

  • DR. S.E- UK 2016 “Kick starting my 998cc Vincent is now an absolute pleasure with a BT-H electronic magneto – I now have easy access to « the road » once more. Your after-sales support has been excellent and I cannot recommend your company and your product highly enough.”
  • Eric Patterson (Viscount) Bonneville Salt Flats Speed Records 2014: 1000mps-cg class 124.86 &1000mps-vg class 131.284mph
  • Jim Crane (BSA) # 42 Motorcycle Cannonball Class 1 winner 2012.
  • John Clements (Norton) Harold Parson memorial ride, Australia 2012.
  • John Butcher, (Triumph) VMCC2006 Unlimited Champion.
  • Dave Witt, (BSA) CRMC 2006 500cc group 2 Champion, 30+ wins.

Main features:

  • Reliable sparks for easy starting and peak performance
  • Electronic advance and retard built in
  • Self generating, NO BATTERY REQUIRED
  • A quality unit using the best materials and components
  • A friendly service for the motor cyclist
  • A full 2 year warranty with workshop back-up


K2F – Lucas replica flange magneto

The K2F is a replica of the Lucas K2F, same size as the original with new BT-H electronics. Designed for customers whose priority is to preserve the bikes original appearance. Note this unit comes with an external cdi box and coils. We can now make these to fit on Vincents but please ask first.

Suitable on: Triumph Twin, Ariel Twin, AJS & Matchless Twins, BSA Twin, Norton Twin, Royal Enfield Twins (Clockwise !), Vincent Twin (Clockwise !)


Disponibilité : immédiate

alton acg06 bsa with belt

BSA A7, A10, Ariel Huntmaster, livré avec kit courroie
Disponibilité : Immédiate


BSA A7, A10, Ariel Huntmaster, livré avec pignon à chaine
Disponibilité : Immédiate


AJS Matchless monocylindre
Disponibilité : Immédiate


NORTON twin (88 / 99)
Disponibilité : Immédiate


Disponibilité : Immédiate

PM1R – Flange mounted Single Cylinder Regular

Single platform magneto with standard 35mm base to spindle height but will fit almost all Brits single. Available with 10mm base plate for peg and bolt application. Will run CW or CCW rotation but will need setting.

Suitable on: Triumph single, Norton Single, Manx Norton (only special body anti-clockwise), Royal Enfield Single, Velocette (for very early motorcycles around 1933), Sunbeam, Ner-A Car, JAP


Vincent Twin Magneto, 50 degree CW rotation. The HT coils fit under the cowl on a steel bracket

Suitable on: Vincent Twin

MD1R – Magdyno Single Cylinder Magneto

Replaces the Lucas magdyno MO1R. The Mag-Dyno was fitted to thousands of bikes from the everyday workhorse to the sporting Goldstars.

Suitable on: most Brit singles from the late 1920’s to early 1960’s that were fitted with Lucas magdyno MO1R.


Flange mounted twin cylinder unit which for most 360 degrees British pre unit twins.

Suitable on:

  • Triumph 500cc-600cc up to 1962, AJS and matchless twin 500cc, 600cc, 650cc from post war to end of production.
  • BSA pre unit engines 500cc-650cc
  • Norton 500cc,600cc, 650cc & 750cc, Atlas (Not Commando).
  • AJS & Matchless Twins, (Anti-clockwise)
  • Royal Enfield Twin 500cc, 700cc
  • Ariel Twin (Anti-clockwise)

MD2R – Magdyno Twin Cylinder Magneto

Replaces the Lucas Magdyno. (Twin version of MD1R). This can be calibrated to suit various bikes and engine configurations. Note this unit comes with an external cdi box.

Suitable on: Ask first

FM1R – Flange Mounted Single Cylinder Regular

This is a Flange mounted single cylinder regular magneto suitable for a range of bikes including Velocettes.

Suitable on: Velocette and late 1950’s Norton Singles

FM1C – Flange Mounted Single Comet

This is a single cylinder magneto rotating clockwise developed for the Vincent Comet Motorcycle.

Suitable on: Vincent Comet

KD1 – Replica Of The Bth KD1 « TT » Magneto

With a 35 mm base to spindle height, which can be calibrated to run in either direction and also has a facility to fit a 10 mm base plate to raise the height to 45 mm.

Suitable on: Triumph Single (with plate anti-clockwise ), Ariel Single 1920-1959 (with special 10mm plate), AJS & Matchless (all anti-clockwise, no plate needed), BSA Single (anti-clockwise), Norton Single (with plate for 1959), Royal Enfield Single (with plate anti-clockwise )

K1F – Lucas Replica Flange Magneto

The K1F is a replica of the Lucas K1F, same size as the original with new BT-H electronics. Designed for customers whose priority is to preserve the bikes original appearance. Note this unit comes with an external cdi box.

Suitable on: Velocette (Anti-Clockwise), Norton Single (1959-1963)